Preschool Program

Nurturing a child’s innate potential, unique personality, and preparedness for school is essential during pre-school years.

Kinfolk offers a rich, stimulating and structured preschool program for three-year-olds and four-year-olds. Our comprehensive preschool program is led by a qualified and experienced preschool teacher, inline with our centre philosophy and the Government Early Years Learning Framework.

As part of our preschool program, children are exposed to meaningful learning experiences that prepare them for school and for life as members of the community.

3 Year Old Preschool

Our three-year-old Preschool Program is used as an opportunity to build on children’s skills and abilities prior to entering four-year-old Preschool.

We incorporate the environment as the third teacher to increase children’s independence, by allowing them to freely explore and discover new concepts and understandings.

Through play with their peers, we will support children to build on their vocabulary and social interactions, holding conversations and sharing their thoughts and ideas confidently.

4 Year Old Preschool

The Kinfolk four-year-old Preschool Program is an accredited preschool program run by a qualified Preschool Teacher. The program is designed to extend on the three-year-old program but also concentrate on helping children develop life skills in preparation for entering primary school.

All families attending Kinfolk are automatically enrolled into our four-year-preschool program in the year before they go to school.

Kinfolk promotes the following strategies within our program:

  • Encouraging children to make independent choices about clothing and dressing themselves
  • Inspiring children to express their wants and needs
  • Supporting children to recognise emotions and guiding them to express themselves in a context appropriate manner
  • Faciliating children’s conversation and discussion including answering questions from peers and other adults
  • Inspiring children to explore and cherish their natural environment and build emapthy for all living things
  • Encouraging problem solving and negotiation with peers
  • Exploring mathamatical concepts, literacy, science, discovery and more
  • Supporting children to develop maturity through the above strategies

School Readiness

All of our four-year-old Preschool children will have access to the Kinfolk Ready Program. The Ready Program is encompassed within our Preschool pogram, and focuses on getting children ready – ready for life, for school, as members of their community.

Features of the Ready Program include:

  • WELCOME GROUP TIME Each morning the class will have a ‘Welcome Group Time,’ welcoming the children to the room and the learning experiences that are planned for the day.
  • WATER BOTTLES – Children are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and take responsibility of it throughout the day.
  • STRUCTURED GROUP TIME – This is an opportunity for children to participate in small group settings and structured group communication.
  • LUNCH BOXES – A lunch-box program occurs in Term 4. Children are asked to bring an empty lunch box on certain days, and the chef will provide them with a packed lunch. This enables the children to practice a lunch routine similar to school, whilst being supported by our Educators.
  • EXCURSIONS – Structured excursions and regular outings are incorporated into our preschool program and provide opportunities for enhanced learning